Welcome To The Aleph & Tav Almightywind HOLY GHOST Wildfire Last Chance Ministry Site. We are a Messianic Jewish Pentacostal ministry reaching out to both Jews and Gentiles.

This is a ministry anointed by the RUACH HA KODESH (Holy Spirit) with an anointing to reach all in America, Jerusalem (Israel), the Middle East and around the world. No matter what religion you practice--Catholicism (following the Pope), Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower Society), Hinduism--we bring the message of salvation to both the Jew and the Gentile, the only way to Life Everlasting.

We bring you good tiddings in the Sacred Names of our Creator, Almighty YAHUVEH and His Son, our Savior, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [known to most as Jesus Christ].

We speak the truth about the horrors of abortion, cloning , gold dust fever , and speak about the reality of fallen angels, Satan (the devil), Hell (hades, shoal), and the need more than ever for YAHUVEH'S people to walk in obedience (which is greater than sacrifice), particularly in keeping the Sabbath (Shabbat) and getting out of Sunday churches . If you want to learn more about angels, the Ark of the Covenant, miracles, and the Torah.

The enemy has infiltrated the church, and many TV preachers and evangelists are now teaching false doctrine. Wolves such as Angie Ray(deceased), Benny Hinn, Oprah Winfrey, Juanita Bynum. Also those who claim to be Christian but are hard-core and extremely evil, reprobate satanists or false prophets... Linda Newkirk, Tari DeMario, Zeph Daniel, Frank Kime, Jr., and the Rev. Moon. They are the forerunners of the antichrist (antimessiah) who is being anticipated, especially by those who follow the teaching of the Kabala , aka Cabala or Kaballah.

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Look up! For those who love and walk in obedience to the commandments and statutes of YAHUVEH, your redemption draweth nigh!

Hanukkah Dedication

In the video alongside a prayer of Prophet Ezra who leads to re-dedicate our bodies as Holy Temples for YAHUVEH GOD ALMIGHTY during this time of Hanukkah.

Read a Hanukkah Word  of YAHUSHUA given to HIS Faithful followers in 2008.

Hanukkah Dedication Prayer

For the sake of the unification of the HOLY ONE blessed is HE and HIS presence in fear, and love, to unify the name of YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and RUACH HAKODESH

In perfect unity in the name of Bride of YAHUSHUA and all israel.
Behold, we come to fulfill the commandment of Hanukkah the feast of dedication.

While you, YAHUSHUA are the light of the world, you come to give us life and light, we are rededicating ourselves as the temple during the feast of dedication.

May it be your will YAHUVEH our GOD, and the GOD of our forefathers that this be the favorable time before you for the observance of the Hanukkah lamp lighting: as if we had Fathomed all the awesome secrets that are sealed into it.
May it ascend before you with the intent of this commandment as it is performed by the children of your beloved ones who concentrate and teach all yours sacred names that are recalled by the light YAHUSHUA.

YAHUSHUA, is the light of the world who elevates the unification pairing of the holy supreme attributes, and illuminate through your powerful presence the great Luminaries so there may be in emanation to be directed to us, your servants.

For it is you who would light our lamp YAHUSHUA , our GOD who will illuminate our darkness.
ABBA YAHUVEH Dispatch your light and truth to guide us to fear, and love your name: to study and to teach your holy names and holy Torah,and your holy prophecies with great diligence, and to give honor and glory to your blessed, exulted name.

By virtue of the Hanukkah lights inherent power make us wise through the light of the world which become flesh YAHUSHUA ha MASHAICH.
May this verse be fulfilled as it is written "it shall not depart from your mouth, from the mouth of your children and from the mouth of your children's children's" says YAHUVEH "from now to eternity"

May our children and grandchildren be followers of the LORD YAHUSHUA and he's Torah as devoted people, beloved above and cherish below, and may your strengthen us to lead souls to YAHUSHUA all according to your will.
May we deserve to see ourself and our children and grandchildren conforming to the image of YAHUSHUA .

Uncover our eyes that we may perceive the wonders of your HOLY ONE so that we will know what is the hope of his calling, what are the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the Saints, and to define the truth and it's mysteries.
In the merit of YAHUSHUA the Messiah, The great High Priest, show us wonders and through your light may we see light.

Purify our hearts for your service: distance us from evil trades and Foreign thoughts. May our eyes see your return to Zion with mercy when you will rekindle the lights.
We shall serve you for all eternity.

May the expressions of our mouth and the thoughts of our hearts find favor before you ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA AND RUACH HA KODESH.

For our prayer is to you ABBA YAHUVEH. At the opportune time, in the abundance of your kindness answer us with the truth of your salvation YAHUSHUA your only begotten son. May the pleasantness of YAHUVEH, our GOD be up on us, May he Establish our handiwork for us; our handiwork May he establish, in YAHUSHUA Ha MASHIACH's Name we pray, Amen.