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Shalom van Apostel Profeet Ezra en Apostel Profeet Elisheva Eliyahu. Welkom in onze tempel zonder muren! Als deze bediening een zegen voor je is nodigen we je uit om ons gastenboek te ondertekenen. We moedigen u aan om uw getuigenis met ons te delen en op welke manier deze bediening u heeft gezegend.

Wat u in dit gastenboek schrijft, zal op een heel speciale manier in de hemel worden opgenomen.

Bedankt aan al onze supporters. Zoals de tekst zegt dat we allemaal één lichaam zijn in YAHUSHUA onze MASHIACH en de wereld zal weten dat we van YAHUSHUA zijn, door onze liefde voor elkaar. (Romeinen 12: 5, Johannes 13:35)

Het kan even duren voordat uw opmerkingen verschijnen. Heb daarom even geduld alstublieft! Bedankt voor de zegeningen! Moge YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA en de dierbare RUACH ha KODESH je blijven leiden in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH'S NAAM!

- Apostel / Profeet Ezra en Elisheva Eliyahu

Happy Lois

14-06-2019 12:36

Shabbat Shalom
Momma Elisheva
Are you all right?
May Ahu redeem you and keep you
And let Ezra-Caleb repent
The Holy Name of Ahu Redemption


09-06-2019 13:44

Hello my fellow followers of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. I found your YouTube channel and want to find out more about your ministry. The girl with the glasses is so beautiful and glowing. Caleb: You are being tricked by the master deceiver, please Caleb repent, allow Yah to clarify your mind, and return to your True family. In the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach from Nazereth! Flee from the demons who are surrounding you! Rise up in victory and back into the arms of the children of Yah.


01-06-2019 15:16

Shabbat Shalom Momma Elisheva and all Amightywind Ministry Family in the Powerful, Mighty, Amazing, Precious NAME of YAHUSHUA our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and SAVIOUR YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. Glory, Praise and Honour to ABBA YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA and Sweet RUACH HA KODESH for you Momma Elisheva and their AMW Ministry. What a blessing and so precious you are to us Momma Elisheva and as I was reading the Torah, in on Prophecy about the Healing balm of Gilead of YAHUSHUA, that’s what I pray for you my Beloved Mom, healing as you had to endure so much this couple of months. I pray life and blessings, love, joy and happiness in abundance. We pray for Caleb to come forth in YAHUSHUA’ S NAME. Amen.


28-05-2019 08:53

Hi Momma RM,

I just want to post this to send you Blessed Love in YAHUSHUA’S NAME and a BIG shout out and salute to YAHUSHUA’s Demon Stompers (YDS) on their 14th Birthday. You are the Elite Special Ops and YAHUSHAU’S Commandos. The gates of hell cannot stand against when you fight in the Mighty Name & Blood of YAHUSHUA.
Thank You All for standing tall in the face of increasing attacks from the enemy’s side. All you who have stood their ground all these years, not only Heaven but the Bride and guests of YAHUSHUA Thanks you! You have no idea how precious you are to YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA & IMMAYAH.

I pray in YAHUSHUA’S NAME that YAHUVEH along with his Holy Angels and the Elite Holy YDS will run a rescue operation soon (I think he is already doing that) to rescue our Precious Caleb from the clutches of the enemy. YAHUVEH will also use the Spiritual Rod that HE has given Momma RM to destroy the reprobates soon. This will be a testimony like none other for Israel and the world for YAHUSHUA’S Glory. We want no other Caleb but the one inside Erez Yotam. In YAHUSHUA’S Blood & Name Amen!

Momma RM you are a true Holy Warrior Bride, I love you, we all love you!
We love you YDS – the enemy trembles – stand strong!



25-05-2019 17:56

Shalom Elisheva and Amightywind! I hope and I prey that this my message could be a blessing to you and all. You are a heaven send for this time where evil is speaked good and good is speaked evil. I prey that this Ministry could lead lots of souls to YAHUSHUA ans I prey that IMMAYAH could send more workers and translators to you! I also prey that Ezra Caleb would came back!!

If it is suitable I could tell my newest testimony. I readed Mercolas articles The Secret Ingredients in a Nonorganic Diet Harm You. There is a story where one familys all sicknes go away when they stopped eat pecticided- and gm-food for example eczema, autism and asthma go away. I was wondering that was my babys eczema continuing because of food pecticides and then I readed that articles and watched that document. I have been now almoust 5 day now eating allmost everything only orcanic and my babys skin is allready better than before. I have also but my babys skin orcanic linseed oil and orcanic cacao butter. Before that my orcanic food eatings my babys skin was going very bad quickly when I stopped use cortison in his skin. Im breasfeeding. I believe that eczema could go away completely if I still continue eating orcanic. Could that be a new proof behind prophecys. Our food is poisoned and gm-food and pectisides is making us sick. I have also feel much more energetic and I can control my eating better. I have to also say that I think that course of antibiotics is one causing of my babys eczema, but it was necessary to take because my baby was so sick.

Im so happy and blessed that I have find Amightywind! I feel blessed and that anointing when I read prophecys, torah portion, counting of the omer etc. Blessings all to you who support Amightywind and believe that it is send from heaven!!
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Dianne Roberts

25-05-2019 07:38

Shalom! To all at amightywind…
I have been reading all your Prophecies for a while now and I find them so -so inspirational..there are so many it is hard to single one out…although I learned so much from Prophecy 140 (it used to be 139)..I find that I have been so blessed to be led to this most Holy site…being a Bride of Yahushua and not knowing anyone else that I know of or come in contact with who is also a Bride , I was so relieved to read
Yahushua’s words and prophecies on the matter of 144.000. I have been praying for you and your ministry
And if I was a Male and lived in Jerusalem would surely love to be your “Caleb “ and help you in your ministry …in some capacity ? ..sigh’….anyway, thanking you very kindly for me to be able to sign your Guest Book..what a special moment for me..
Sincerely yours, Dianne ..many more blessings for almightywind and father God
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Happy Lois

25-05-2019 04:55

Shabbat Shalom
Momma Elisheva
MayYAHUSHUA’S you and bless you
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22-05-2019 22:16

I was given a name by Haqodesh Adonai Melekh and the only trace of it I have found is in your profieta 48
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19-05-2019 08:25

Hi Momma Elisheva Eliyahu,
Thank you for all that you do for YAHUVEH’S, YAHUSHUA’S, and IMMAYAH’S Praise, Honor, and Glory alone! I pray ABBA YAHUVEH comforts your heart and soul and takes all your burdens away, I ask in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Name! I praise and thank IMMAYAH in YAHUSHUA’S Name for bringing me back to YAHUSHUA’S feet. HalelluYAH! I pray that Caleb comes back and be a blessing to you and the AMIGHTYWIND Congregation more than ever before. In YAHUSHUA’S Name I pray amen!
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19-05-2019 01:42

Momma Elisheva we love you. We thank ABBA YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH for you. May you be blessed abundantly in spirit, soul, mind and body. May everything that you do be covered by the shed blood of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. May everything that you touch be anointed by YAH. May the real Holy Caleb come forth in YAHUSHUA’S NAME i pray. May many Holy Hebrew translators come forth in YAHUSHUA’S NAME i pray. May translators in other languages also come forth in YAHUSHUA’S HOLY NAME i pray. Amen
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10-05-2019 15:15

Hi Mom love you very much thank you for standing strong and I am praying for you – thank you for your obedience to YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA & the RUACH HA KODESH May YAH continue to strengthen you and I pray for comfort and peace and joy of YAH praying for a hedge of protection upon you Psalms 91 prayer of protection in YAHUSHUAS name for No weapon formed against you shall prosper! Thank you for being a wonderful example by keeping YAH YAHUSHUA First and laying everything down on the altar , – I rebuke out each and one of those foolish lies that the wicked ones are saying for they will be dealt with and cannot run from the wrath of YAHUVEH GOD they are liars And I pray people will not listen to there foolishness, not only that they are threatening people by name who support AMW with death threats and other threats ) i rebuke them all! And I pray CALEB come forth in the name of YAHUSHUA!


05-05-2019 06:59

Oh, beloved Momma Rm Shalom! YAHUSHUA bless you! And since it’s Saturday, May 4th, 2019, and we’re still celebrating big, I want to say once again… Happy 25th Birthday, Momma Elisheva! Happy 25th Birthday, AmightyWind Ministry!!!

I finally get to write on the AmightyWind Guestbook Yayy! I want to say that you have been a great blessing in my life, and not only to me, but also a blessing to so many people around the world as it can clearly be seen by the many birthday videos shared on the front page . This Holy Ministry is truly Heaven sent. I am blessed beyond words can explain just how much YAH’S AmightyWind Ministry has taught me: THEIR Hebrew Sacred Names, Holy Communion, Keeping the true Shabbat (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset), the Holy Prophecies, Secrets of the RUACH HA KODESH , observing the Holy Feasts, the lost Books of the Bible, the importance of living a Holy life, the importance of being commandment keepers and not commandment breakers, and most of all how to have a loving obedient intimate relationship with our SAVIOR and soon to come Bridegroom, YAHUSHUA Our MASHIACH .

I am delighted and overjoyed to be part of AmightyWind Aleph and Tav Prophetic End Time Ministries. PRAISE YAHUSHUA!!!

Beloved ABBA YAHUVEH, I boldly but humbly come before YOUR Throne of Grace never on my own name but in the Name above all Names–YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH YOUR only begotten Son to give YOU Holy Trinity all the glory, honor, and praise ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and PRECIOUS SWEET IMMAYAH! Cover me YAHUSHUA with YOUR robe and cloak of righteousness. Cleanse me, purify me, and forgive me of all my sins, of anything abominable that I may have done before your sight, whether it be in my actions, thoughts, or deeds, I do plead the HOLY SHED BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA all over me inside and out, so YOU Heavenly Father YAHUVEH may see red, YAHUSHUA’S HOLY BLOOD and not the blackness of my sins. Thank YOU for this opportunity YOU have given me to write to this beautiful AmightyWind Congregation and to send my love to Momma Elisheva Eliyahu.

Thank YOU, because it was YOU MOMMA RUACH HA KODESH who lead me to YOUR AmightyWind Ministry; it was YOU who brought me back to YAHUSHUA’S feet. It was YOU who opened my eyes, ears, and heart to YOUR Truth that YOU speak forth out of YOUR Eliyahu of New. I am so grateful with YOU, ABBA YAHUVEH. YOUR love is amazing, YOUR mercy, YOUR grace, YOUR perfect timing, YOUR perfection, YOUR endless beauty, YOUR patience, YOUR compassion, YOUR passion, YOUR sweetness, YOUR anointing, YOUR freedom, YOUR faithfulness, YOUR holiness, YOUR power, YOUR healing, YOUR will, YOUR righteous judgement, YOUR revelations, and so so so much more that YOU give and that YOU are!

Heavenly Father, ABBA YAHUVEH, in the Name of YAHUSHUA may YOU please shower blessings, upon blessings, upon blessings to YOUR Ringmaiden Momma RM, the one that YOU chose to birth forth this Ministry in the physical realm. I do not question YOU, I do not doubt YOU, but instead I stand in awe of YOU, ABBA YAHUVEH, I bow down in reverence of YOU, YAHUSHUA, and I thank YOU and I worship YOU, MOMMA IMMAYAH, with my one heart, my two hands, and one life, for that is all I can offer YOU, precious HOLY TRINITY. May YOU please receive this prayer as a sweet fragrance to your nostrils, may it be pleasing to YOUR eyes as you read this. Not only read these words that I type DADDY YAHUVEH, but may YOU also search, scrutinize, and read my heart for words will never be able to explain and express my love and gratitude to YOU. Please take away and rip apart anything that does not belong in there so I can have and present to YOU a pure, sincere, and humble heart before YOU, for there is nothing I can hide from YOU. And why would I? YOU’RE my CREATOR, YOU love me, YOU patiently waited for me, YOU wait for me to come and spend time with YOU, which I treasure and enjoy. And I thank YOU YAHUSHUA because if it wasn’t for YOU our ONLY mediator and intercessor, our prayers would not be able to be heard, we also wouldn’t have a way back home in Heaven where we belong. Thank YOU, YAHUSHUA for being the atonement of our sins. Thank YOU so much DADDY YAHUVEH, for making a way for YOUR children by giving the Treasure of Heaven to be crucified so we can have life and life more abundantly; I don’t know how, but YOU did it, and I don’t know why, but I’m grateful YOU provided a way back to YOU. And not only rescuing our souls, but also making a way for us here while we’re still on earth. When we think we find ourselves stuck cornered behind a wall, there YOU are, just right on-time to make a way to provide to us, to heal us, and to deliver us in a Mighty Wonderful way, only YOU alone can do it. HALLELUYAH! And so I praise YOU, ABBA YAHUVEH! I praise YOU, YAHUSHUA OUR MASHIACH! I praise YOU, PRECIOUS SWEET IMMAYAH!
May YOU open the floodgates of Heaven Daddy YAHUVEH to pour forth YOUR fresh anointing PRECIOUS IMMAYAH on Momma Elisheva in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S NAME. Shower her with divine health, divine strength, divine energy, divine protection, divine wisdom and discernment that only comes from Heaven Above in YAHUSHUA’S NAME. That she may not lack anything, for YOU are our provider alone! I pray ABBA YAHUVEH, in YAHUSHUA’S NAME may YOU restore, mend, and soothe her completely in body, spirit, mind, and soul. Only YOU know her pain, only YOU see, understand, and gather and gently wipe away her tears. Comfort Momma Elisheva during her difficult moments she’s going through in her marriage, beloved MOMMA IMMAYAH in the Name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Let her know that she’s not alone, let her know she’s loved and appreciated, let her know that YOU’RE an on-time GOD even though it may seem that everything is falling apart, YOU have many surprises and blessings for her, for all of those who trust, lean, and rely on YOU and not in ourselves or in another woman or man. I thank YOU and praise YOU in advance for the new Caleb that will come forth to AmightyWind Ministry and to Momma Elisheva, in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S NAME! We believe by faith that YOU work in ways we cannot see, oh YOU certainly work in ways so marvelously!

Thank YOU for raising MommaRM up and using her as YOUR bold, humble, anointed vessel of clay. In YAHUSHUA’S NAME, ABBA YAHUVEH, may YOU shield, protect, and guard Momma Elisheva from all harm, danger, and malice that the enemy may want to send and creep in during her sleep or when she’s awake. Thank YOU so much DADDY YAH for blessing me with an amazing, strong, sweet beautiful spiritual mother. Thank YOU for YOU will use her to minister to those who have been hurt, torn, abused, and mistreated in the past who have experienced or are still experiencing that suffering only YOU are able to heal and seal with YOUR purest of love, for YOU YAHUSHUA are love, our first love, a love that no gauge can measure and a peace that surpasses all understanding. HALLELUYAH!!! YOU are indeed our PRINCE OF PEACE!!! And the definition of TRUE LOVE!!! Oh, how magnificent YOU are!

I also lift up in prayer Sister Jessie, in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Name, thank YOU for YOU used her to be able to connect me with Sister Rosie and through Sister Rosie I was able to send my long audio message to Momma Elisheva since I didn’t have any other resources to send MommaRM my audio I recorded with so much joy and love. YOU knew my deep concern, and YOU knew how much I wanted to send her my greetings, but again just when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to send it—YOU surprised me and YOU made a way for me, beloved YAHUSHUA! So thank YOU for my dear beloved sisters YOU have presented to me, they have been a great blessing in my life. ABBA YAHUVEH, in the NAME of YAHUSHUA I ask that YOU bless their lives, their husbands, their children, their homes, their jobs, their foods, their health, their families, bless them, bless them, bless them abundantly in YAHUSHUA OUR MASHIACH’S NAME! Thank YOU for this amazing family YOU have presented to me… wow keep anointing them greatly PRECIOUS MOMMA IMMAYAH until their cup overflows with YOUR sweet aroma, YOUR sweet oil, YOUR sweet fragrance that cannot be bought, but is given only by YOU PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH to dwell in the living temple that belongs to YOU as we daily surrender our lives to YOUR only begotten Son, YAHUSHUA OUR MASHIACH! HALLELUYAH!!!

I ask that YOUR will be done on earth and in our lives, ABBA YAHUVEH just like YOUR will is done in Heaven. Take my heart and mold it, take my mind and transform it, take my will and conform it to YOURS, for that is what I want, that is what I long for, that is what YOU want for me. May we continue to grow more in YOU, more in obedience, more in love, more in prayer, more in holiness, more in righteousness, not in our power or strength but in the strength of YAHUSHUA OUR MASHIACH ALONE! Fulfill YOUR perfect will in my life DADDY YAHUVEH, whatever you have planned, fashioned, designed and intended for me, let it be done in YAHUSHUA’S NAME for YOU only want the best for us, YOU only want to bless us. Be it unto me according to YOUR will, be it unto me according to YOUR promises, be it unto me according to YOUR Word, Oh ABBA YAHUVEH in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA OUR MASHIACH.

Thank YOU once again for EVERYTHING. I love YOU, I worship YOU, I give you the glory, honor, and praise only to YOU, ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, and PRECIOUS SWEET IMMAYAH. Thank YOU for the day YOU invited me to celebrate the Holy Feast of Purim with Momma Elisheva and the Asian Congregation. I really thought I was going to celebrate on my own, oh but Daddy YAHUVEH, YOU had other plans for me! Just like YOU say in Isaiah 55:8-9, “For MY thoughts are not YOUR thoughts, neither are your ways MY way. As the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are MY ways higher than your thoughts.” HALLELUYAH! Yes, it is indeed. Praise YAHUSHUA! Thank YOU for this new beginning in my life, I accept whatever you give to me, and I accept whatever you take away from my life. Help me and teach me what is it that I must place in the altar of sacrifice ABBA YAHUVEH in the precious Name of YAHUSHUA I ask.

I Bless YOUR HOLY NAME ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and PRECIOUS MOMMA IMMAYAH. Bless every AmightyWind congregation, the Asian, the Polish, the African, the Russian, the Spanish, the French, bless every single one ABBA YAHUVEH, in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA. May YOU bless the AmightyWind Team, the Senior Associates, the ones working in the website, bless all the YAHUSHUA’S DEMON STOMPERS, bless all YOUR musicians, like StandUpForYAH03, who write love songs dedicated only to YOU, HOLY TRINITY, to bring YOU all the glory, honor, and praise. Bless all of them, bless the Bride and Guest of the Marriage Supper of the LAMB in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

Thank YOU for these 25 years on the internet! YOUR Prophet will not be muzzled, Momma Elisheva Eliyahu will only shout louder, in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA OUR MASHIACH! Shouting and proclaiming Salvation comes only through repentance and accepting YOUR only begotten Son, YAHUSHUA as our LORD and SAVIOR of our lives. So I pray mercy for those who are yet to come to YOUR feet, BELOVED YAHUSHUA.

I love YOU with ALL my heart, body, spirit, mind, and soul, ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and PRECIOUS SWEET IMMAYAH. Thank YOU for what YOU have done, what YOU are doing, and what YOU will continue to do in my life as I keep my eyes focused on YOU and my hands holding tight to the hem of YOUR garment. Thank YOU for never leaving us, never forsaking us, never abandoning us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am forever grateful. I give YOU all the glory, honor, and praise, ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and PRECIOUS SWEET IMMAYAH. In YAHUSHUA OUR MASHIACH’S HOLY PRECIOUS MIGHTY POWERFUL SWEET NAME do I pray, amen, amen, and AMEN!!! HALLELUYAH!!! HALLELUYAH IS THE HIGHEST PRAISE!!!

Happy 25th Birthday, AmightyWind Ministry!
Happy 25th Birthday, Beloved Momma Elisheva Eliyahu! I love you!

Much love in YAHUSHUA,
Your daughter and warrior for YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH alone!


05-05-2019 02:22

Thank you Mom Elisheva, to your hardworking for the Glory of ABBA YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH AND MOMMA SHKHINYAH GLORY, I am soo bless to find this holy ministry, I thank ABBA YAHUVEH for choosing you to bring more souls to YAHUSHUA, this ministry is soo a bleesings unto me, I learned a lot about the teachings of our MASHIACH YAHUSHUA, and I was encouraged my self to seek to live in repentanceand holiness everyday. Stay humble Mom, and have good courage for the Kingdom of ABBA YAHUVEH, in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH Name.
Much Love in YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH Name,


29-04-2019 20:56

Hi Beloved Momma Elisheva Elijahu. Praise Abba YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA Ha MASHIACH and Precious Mamma RUACH Ha KODESH.
I cannot tell you the countless Blessings i have recieved from Amightywind. I just stand in amazment how much Power there is in The Holy Trinity Secret NAMES.
You have always done Your best and thats what matters. I am so glad it was you who is Elijah of New.
You are so Anointed, happy, kind, humble, gentle, romantic, sweet ,hard working and caring person.
The Children of YAH Rejoice when you speak, its just as if they just got saved again. We Love to hear from Heaven.
And what i High Price you had to pay “the greater the Anointing the higher persecution”
I am so greatful for the Words you gave me from Beloved YAHUSHUA in 2011, i always carry them With me.
I also hope People who has left Amightywind can come back and truly repent.
I believe that the Best is yet to come for you Beloved Momma Elisheva!!!!!!!


28-04-2019 03:47

Shalom beloved Mom Elisheva,

I thank you for all that you are doing for YAH, what others could not do, you are going forth boldly in YAHUSHUA’S Name. For I’m not safe with anyone, but only with ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH. I thank YAH that only those who pass through YAHS Heavenly metal detector can communicate with you in person, ABBA YAHUVEH protects you. HalleluYAH!!! I pray no more debts for Amightywind Ministry in YAHUSHUA’S HOLY NAME. I bind and rebuke any attempts at silencing your voice whether it be with laryngitis or anything else in YAHUSHUA’S Name. In Heavenly Armor we enter the land, the battle belongs to YAHUVEH. No weapon fashioned against us will stand in YAHUSHUA’S HOLY NAME. So this fiery test too shall pass. Praise YAHUSHUA!!!


27-04-2019 13:19

Blessings forever to the Most High Elohim.
Thank you all at Amightywind, you have blessed me richly over the years, in an essential way none other has been able, I pray you are blessed beyond imagining even on this earth and know Him deeper on all levels, thank you for your hard and constant work of pure truth and all that you share. Lot’s of love and blessings forever.

Happy Lois

26-04-2019 10:17

Shabbat Shalom
Momma Elisheva
Hope you’re in the Passover season.
Happy life
May YAH redeem you and keep you
I love you.


24-04-2019 14:31

Dear momma Elisheva,

I was deeply touched by your much much much love to us Asian congregation and me. Evidently, your heart overflows with great love of our ABBA YAH, our Beloved LORD YAHUSHUA, and The precious sweet IMMAYAH. I am deeply honored that my video can be a blessing to you, a little comfort to your heart wounded by your beloved husband named Erez Yotam. Mom, all of us Asian congregation love you so much! How we wish we could do more to comfort you, to help you and Almightywind Ministry reach more souls in Asia! Please kindly pray for the Senior Associate Ministers Jessie & Paul, Lin Ann, Jane, June, Yi Le, Esther, and other co-workers, who are working so hard, sometimes even all night on the videos of new prophecies so that these prophecies can reach Asian souls ASAP. May ABBA YAH establish the work of their hands and help them get the work done quickly. Thank you so much, Mom!

As per your request, I will send you my personal video soon.

Mom, you are always in my heart, my mind, and my prayers.

With much love to you in YAHUSHUA,

Your daughter Sandy


23-04-2019 20:24

shalom dear family.

i just want to say happy 25th birrtday to this ministry.
and then happy birthday to you as well dear beloved elisheva.
if it was not for this ministry i would would not have been saved. the knowledge and revelations the past months was wonderful.
i cannot want for the others to be released i need some fresh meet and manna from my YAH.
YAH bless you and keep you and you and this Ministry is in my prayers daily.
thank you for being such a blessing truly you are loved
so much. till we meet in heaven !


21-04-2019 13:08

It’s Been a Long time, But Wanted to Reach out

I just want to say Hi and that my heart and prayers goes out to you Elisheva and the ministry. It’s been almost 3 years ago since the last time i spoke to anyone from the ministry or fellowship. but for the past couple of weeks, this ministry and you has been on my mind/heart like never before. I’m truly sorry to see what is going on and the ones that is attacking you and Amightywind ministry now. I’m completely in shock and wondering, “how can this be and why?”smh. Even though, I had distant myself from everyone, i couldn’t imagine saying such lies about this ministry or you prophet Elisheva. I still believe this ministry belongs to ALMIGHTY GOD YAHUVEH and that the truths is being spoke forth from here.

I have more to say, but I just wanted to send you a short message and say Hello and Thank you. YAH Bless you, in YAHUSHUA name

Desi & family

19-04-2019 01:29

Wow, just finished listening to prophecy 144. Wow.
I just gotta take a step back from time to time and think about how much I actually learned from this ministry, if not for this ministry I would not have known anything! The last time I was in awe of this fact I was looking at the picture of the 3 thrones in Heaven on the app and I can’t really express my gratitude to you or ELOHIM but I know YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA and IMMAYAH knows exactly what I can’t explain in words.

Shema israel

19-04-2019 01:12

Hello☺ Blessings in
✨יהוה יהושוע
Joy joy joy. Because the truth is here

Tracie Williams

16-04-2019 18:20

Happy Blessed Birthday Mom Elisheva and AMW ministry. Thank you, Abba Father for Elisheva and the ministry that YOU used to reach me, save and deliver me. It has forever changed my life. I am so grateful and eternally blessed for learning the truth of who YAHUSHUA is and HIS great love. My life will never be the same. The anointing on this ministry for holiness and change in ones life. I never cried so hard in all my life. This has truly been a life changing encounter. I look forward to hearing from you daily. Sending you love, hugs and strength in YAHUSHUA.

Elsie Ting, Malaysia

15-04-2019 18:20

Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu, thank you for sharing your pain, your all-in-all, in public. You have suffered much, again and again for THE NAME OF THE HOLY TRINITY. May I humbly express my love and support to you and Amightywind.


14-04-2019 07:34

YAHUSHUA came in the flesh. i am just dust. please always look upto YAHUSHUA, he is the only begotten son of YAHUVEH. he is god. he is the creator, we are the created. we are created by him to bring him honour, glory and praise, thanksgiving. eternal blessings. his love is eternal. he saved me while i was the greatest sinner. he is just and honest. brave and fearless. he loves us all with a love that cannot be measured. YAHUSHUA, forever and ever, you are my god. i will remain your lowly servant, humble and contrite in heart. receive the glory my love. you are worthy darling, you alone are worthy. mwaaaaaaaaest. mwaaaaaaaaaaast.


13-04-2019 12:00

Happy birthday beloved Mom Elisheva and happy birthday to Amightywind Ministry as well.

I am still holding on tight to the hem of YAHUSHUA ‘s garment.

Love and miss you all so much.

Happy Lois

12-04-2019 11:18

Shabbat Shalom
Momma Elisheva
Happy Passover


11-04-2019 02:14

I love and trust our LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST !!

David B

10-04-2019 23:49

Dear Beloved Mom Rm, Dad Adam and Mom Kathrynyah, and my other beloved veteran YDS battle tested brothers and sisters, many I’ve known for over a decade, and other mighty holy worldwide intercessors, ALL PRAISE GLORY POWER AUTHORITY TO YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA IMMAYAH FOREVER AND EVER! We adore THEM! YAH’S INFERNO OF LOVE PROTECTION PROVISION PEACE to you all I pray in YAHUSHUA’S NAME. For HIS Amightywind is an extension of HIS OWN earthly ministry just two days ago in HEAVEN’S TIME. It belongs to YAHUSHUA, HE IS THE FULLNESS OF THE HOLY TRINITY IN ALL POWER DOMINION AUTHORTY, NO LIMITS! The BIBLE says a day to PRECIOUS YAHUVEH is a thousand years, a thousand years a day. Thank you thank you I love you all who count one of the greatest ministries of all time a blessing and YAH’S Holy Prophet Of Fire Elisheva, a blessing too. She is the most loving pastor I’ve ever seen by far! THE ALEPH AND TAV AMIGHTYWIND RUACH HA KODESH FIRE MINISTRY we know is Named after PRECIOUS SWEET MOMMA IMMAYAH. SHE Beautifies all things, HER PRECIOUS HUSBAND YAHUVEH CREATES. We want to know HER BEAUTY HOLINESS WISDOM more! Quick note let Heaven record this (let it be known BEWARE ye enemies worldwide of THE HOLY GOSPEL AND OF YAH’S Amightywind. Never never attack YAHUSHUA’S SPIRIT AND ANOINTING here including Apostle/Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu. Enemies of YAH, be assured the penalty will be beyond your thinking. Just run away enemies.) Beloveds of YAH, like my sister YAHSbaby said in a recent video we don’t pursue a comfortable fake GOSPEL. We are here to endure and tarry to help STIR UP AND IGNITE THE ETERNAL TORCH OF YAHUSHUA’S HOLY WILDFIRE ANOINTING worldwide. GREAT SAVIOR YAHUSHUA MASTER OF THE AGES, YAHUSHUA please have mercy on us and please do the YOUR ASTOUNDING GREATER WORKS AND WONDERS, MIRACLE PROTECTIONS AND PROVISIONS and more. ALL YOUR HOLY ANOINTINGS, HOLY GIFTS are unlimited in POWER AND MIGHT. There is no ministry that is a safe haven like this one. This is without debate let it be known!


10-04-2019 21:22

YAH truly has raised up a standard of holiness through HIS Amightywind Ministry, that is a bright shining light in this world of increasing darkness and deception.

I thank you Heavenly FATHER for YOUR Holy Ministry of Amightywind and for Mom Elisheva, YOUR mouthpiece.
Happy 25th Birthday to Amightywind Ministries and Happy Birthday to you Mom Elisheva. I wonder, were you born on actual Passover? It’s possible that you, Prophet Elijah of old and also John the Baptist were all born on Passover.
The Holy Prophecies are so anointed and life changing, I’ve been reading the prophecies for 6 years now; I read them over and over again. You see just like the Holy Scriptures help us to grow spiritually so too do the prophecies; their are spiritual meat and milk from the Throne of YAH, and also refreshing water.

So I just want to take this time to thank ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH for THEIR Holy Ministry, and THEIR Anointed and Appointed Spiritual Leader Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu. Thank you Amightywind for all your hard work and dedication, I pray YAH bless you and keep. May HIS face shine upon you and be gracious unto you: May YAH lift up HIS countenance upon you, and give you peace.


08-04-2019 14:38

Be brave


08-04-2019 14:17

Thankyou for your work for us. Hannu Tarja Johanna Joel


06-04-2019 19:22

Praise YAHUSHUA, YAHUVEH, & IMMAYAH for the new prophecies!!! We spent the Sabbath listening to them and we send much love and prayers to our dear Momma RM, and everyone at Amightywind.

Happy birthday month!


06-04-2019 00:49

I hope to leave this earth and go to heaven.


05-04-2019 11:47

Happy Birthday Amightywind Ministry and Momma Elisheva

YAH's child

04-04-2019 14:40

Happy Birthday to this HOLY ministry and mom Elisheva!

Felix and family

04-04-2019 12:24

Happy Blessed Birthday to Amightywind and our Beloved Mom RM Elisheva EliYAHU HalleluYAH!!! We love you so much Mom. We read prophecy 118 today wow! It just was so timely for us everyday we are supposed to read at least 1 as YAH said and its a taboo to miss a day but we do sometimes. However, beloved Mom reading prophecy 118 just anointed me so much I was in awe and although, I have read it countless times before it was just amazing the enjoyment and anointing and blessing of the reading today. It made me praise YAH on your behalf and I told my family as I read it, I said Mom Elisheva don’t talk like this, I have heard you speak you ramble for words mom trust me I love hearing you speak ask YAH, but you go around and around and it makes me giggle like a lil kid but that prophecy wow! Nothing is more straightforwardly accurately, anointedly(if that’s even a word) powerfully spoken like it. Mom there is no way! No way! You can talk like our beloved YAH!!! All THREE! unless you are truly THEIR MOUTHPIECE (The MOUTHPIECE of YAH all caps humor me) Mom you are so loved and worthy of our respect, thank you, thank you, thank you for your devoted faithfulness to THE ALMIGHTY YAH! Shalom unto you and even more and more on you now and for ever in YAHUSHUA’S Kadosh NAME! Amen

PS. for the haters you cannot hear YAH’S voice because you are not his sheep period here John 10:27


04-04-2019 05:06

Happy birthday Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu and Amightywind ministry!!!
Thank you for telling the Truth all over the world for the glory of GOD!!!
Without you and this ministry, i would not know what to do to be saved.
Thank you for paying the price in order to let us know and really thank you.


28-03-2019 18:42

Shalom Apostle Elishiva

I thank ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA ha MASSHIACH and Sweet IMMAYAH for this last chance Ministry.
I am grateful to you Apostle Elishiva Eliyahu for dedicating your life in serving the Mighty GOD YAHUVEH.

I have learned so much from this Ministry and still do. Even your testimony Apostle Elishiva encourages me to be strong in my Faith. I know how it feel to be insignificant, ignored, persecuted, hated, alone. But YAH have always been with you from the beginning.

Stay strong, stay blessed and may the Mighty GOD cover you and all who are helping in this Ministry under HIS wing.

I only have gratituted million times to YAH for you Momma Elishiva.

May love reside in your heart always through our Massia YAHUSHUA.

Thank you…


28-03-2019 09:26

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that my employer also allowed me to keep the Sabbath. It’s contractual work and I can work remotely. Praise YAH!


28-03-2019 08:32

HalleluYAH! YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA always tends to his sheep, gives them the desire in their hearts and HE is so Good, HE fulfils those desires as well. ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA & IMMAYAH, I hope this post will please the HOLY TRINITY when read in Heaven.

Psalm 37:4-5 Take delight in the LORD, and HE will give you your heart’s desires. Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust in HIM, and he will help you. Amen!

My LORD fulfilled my desire to get this job, today, March 28, 2019. This was my third attempt trying to land this job. I prayed and fasted from Wednesday sundown and I’ll be fasting until sundown today. Today, as I ended the communion, YAH granted me the desire of my heart and the employer texted me to say that I’m being hired. He was much impressed by my writing skills. Honestly, I’m not a great writer, it’s all HIS mercy, favor in my life.

This has all been possible because IMMAYAH brought me to this Holy Ministry and I started keeping the Sabbath and the Holy Feast Days, and I strive to live holy every single day and repent for every sin. I also try never to premeditate sin. It has been just four months I came to Amightywind and my life has changed for eternity. Praise YAH.

I had prayed to YAH to show my unsaved wife that YOU are My LORD, My ELOHIM and he did by giving me this job. Unsaved people and heathens should know that our LORD is a Mighty GOD.

I was so blessed and honored to be part of the Purim Meeting on March 20,2019. I felt a mighty anointing of IMMAYAH that day.

Love to You Mom RM and Mom K and the New Elite YDS team in the Asian Branch,



25-03-2019 09:48


Thank you for youre hard work in the ministry for the praise honor and glory of YAHUVEH YAHUSHUA IMMAYAH.

May you be blessed richly and abundantly wih all the heavenly blessings that you deserve as you will continue to reach souls for YAHUSHUAs GLORY. May the light of IMMAYAH shine upon you and dispells every darkness that comes on youre path.

May the LORD YAHUSHUA always be youre strenght and song as well as the source of youre salvation.

May the truth always keeps you and guard you to preach the gospel that set the captives free indeed

In YAHUSHUA NAME i pray amen


19-03-2019 08:50

Praise, Glory and Honour goes to ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA our LORD and MASHIACH and the RUACH HA KODESH IMMAYAH, for this your Amightywind Ministry.

I am grateful for the AMW Ministry for all teachings of obedience, truth and holiness, we are fed manna straight from Heaven, and we cant get enough of drinking from the fountain of Living waters. Thank you DADDY YAH, BELOVED YAHUSHUA, AND IMMAYAH, for anointing your beloved daughter, our Mama Elisheva, YOUR Eliyahu of new, to reach souls for our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY AND SAVIOUR YAHUSHUA our BELOVED BRIDEGROOM, we are truly blessed, everyone can attest to that truth and the good fruit in this Ministry.

I am praying for you Mama Elisheva and Daddy Ezra, that indeed weapons formed against you and this Ministry will not prosper in the POWERFUL NAME OF YAHUSHUA our LORD. Take heart Mom, we love you, and only pray blessings and life for you.


15-03-2019 22:24

祝以莉莎法媽媽,生日快樂 !也祝聖靈全能風野火事工網站,,生日快樂!
願亞呼贖阿祝福並保守以莉莎法媽媽,和聖靈 全能風野火事工的平安!


07-03-2019 17:36

Greetings in Mighty name of YAHUSHUA!!

My family and I are truly blessed by YAHUVEH, IMMAYAH, and YAHUSHUA with this ministry that guides me the way to repentance and Holiness. Every day we live by the word of YAH and we grow stronger and stronger facing enemies coming from all direction. We pray for you guys every day so ABBA YAH will bless you abundantly for all your sacrifice. I can’t fully express how grateful I am for those precious teachings and prophecies and your love of us. And I am forever grateful that YAH had brought me to this ministry, giving us such a precious gift. We love you and appreciate all of your hard work!!

YAH's child

07-03-2019 14:19

Happy anniversary to Father Ezra and Mother Elisheva’s first video meeting! YAH has great work to HIS children through this HOLY Ministry! Hope we can still keep following the footprints of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, and RUACH ha KODESH. Stay humble to serve the ministry and people around us!!

Yochanan Tan

05-03-2019 15:49

Thanks prophet Elisheva for sharing the word of YAH to us… I’ve learn alot…. If not wrong I’ve been follow amightywind website since the year 2011.

Praise almighty Father YAHWEH, YAHUSHUA meesiah and IMMAYAH, I’ve been save, and alot of sins doesn’t even bother me anymore, through the Holy name and shed blood of YAHUSHUA,

The lust of body and eyes are gone!!!!!

Like in the prophecy said male masturbation repent before YAH!
there’s is power and wonder in YAHUSHUA NAME.

But not just name, I also try my best to keep the 10 commandment and the Holy sabbath day…… And truly YAH have saves me.

I have much more to said, but it will be too long.

I pray that YAH will keep bless and protect you mother elisheva, please allow me to call you mother…

Let YAH comfort you heart, your soul and your spirit, from what you’ve been through…

I really hope can join you to help you,
I just pray to YAH to strengthen me, to serve Him.

Much love. Shalom.

May we meet one day, on earth or in heaven.



03-02-2019 04:03

Hello Momma Elisheva & Dad Ezra,
Hallelu YAH!!!
Thank you for everything you have done for Heaven!
I have been greatly blessed by this Ministry.
I pray for you & this ministry every day.
I Love You!


28-01-2019 12:01

Beloved Momma Elisheva,


I guess I have moved by our Sweet MOMMA IMMAYAH! I would like to say the following words to you:

Please go forward boldly! There is nothing to fear! There is nothing to be concerned about!

No matter what happens, you still have ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH on your side! You still have your true and faithful spiritual children on your side! We shall stand together to pray for your safety, protection, blessing, prosperity, anointing, and health. No good thing will our ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH withhold from you!

Thank you very much for all of your sacrifices! You have suffered so much in order to bring truths to us!

May ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH bless you exceedingly and abundantly!




25-01-2019 12:21

Thank you for your ministry! YAH has instructed me to send my tithes dutifully to you and I have been doing so since the start of the year. I have one question, however. Who is Richard Kites? I do not see reference to him on this website.