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Shalom van Apostel Profeet Ezra en Apostel Profeet Elisheva Eliyahu. Welkom in onze tempel zonder muren! Als deze bediening een zegen voor je is nodigen we je uit om ons gastenboek te ondertekenen. We moedigen u aan om uw getuigenis met ons te delen en op welke manier deze bediening u heeft gezegend.

Wat u in dit gastenboek schrijft, zal op een heel speciale manier in de hemel worden opgenomen.

Bedankt aan al onze supporters. Zoals de tekst zegt dat we allemaal één lichaam zijn in YAHUSHUA onze MASHIACH en de wereld zal weten dat we van YAHUSHUA zijn, door onze liefde voor elkaar. (Romeinen 12: 5, Johannes 13:35)

Het kan even duren voordat uw opmerkingen verschijnen. Heb daarom even geduld alstublieft! Bedankt voor de zegeningen! Moge YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA en de dierbare RUACH ha KODESH je blijven leiden in YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH'S NAAM!

- Apostel / Profeet Ezra en Elisheva Eliyahu


03-02-2019 04:03

Hello Momma Elisheva & Dad Ezra,
Hallelu YAH!!!
Thank you for everything you have done for Heaven!
I have been greatly blessed by this Ministry.
I pray for you & this ministry every day.
I Love You!


28-01-2019 12:01

Beloved Momma Elisheva,


I guess I have moved by our Sweet MOMMA IMMAYAH! I would like to say the following words to you:

Please go forward boldly! There is nothing to fear! There is nothing to be concerned about!

No matter what happens, you still have ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH on your side! You still have your true and faithful spiritual children on your side! We shall stand together to pray for your safety, protection, blessing, prosperity, anointing, and health. No good thing will our ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH withhold from you!

Thank you very much for all of your sacrifices! You have suffered so much in order to bring truths to us!

May ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA, and IMMAYAH bless you exceedingly and abundantly!




25-01-2019 12:21

Thank you for your ministry! YAH has instructed me to send my tithes dutifully to you and I have been doing so since the start of the year. I have one question, however. Who is Richard Kites? I do not see reference to him on this website.


24-01-2019 01:42

Dear Prophet Elizabeth and Prophet Ezra,
Thank you for being such a blessing not only to my life, but also to my family’s. Your prophecies and teachings have freed me from the spirits of religion and unbelief. Knowing that you sacrifice a lot for this Ministry really inspires me a lot and you are truly a spiritual role model for every one of us. I am grateful for what Yah have done through this Ministry and the time you spent on taking care of us. May YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and RUACH ha KODESH bless you, your loved ones, your loyal followers and this Ministry today and every day in YAHUSHUA’S NAME. Amen.


23-01-2019 05:06

Hi Momma Elisheva I’m so happy for you and Dad Ezra for everything you do,you have truly been a Blessing to me and this Ministry Amightywind and to all my Brother’s and Sister’s around this world…and I’m happy for your New YouTube Channel and that you’ve finally edited your YouTube username cause I was wondering when you were going to change Daddy YAHS name from little letters to Big Bold letters all in HIS Perfect timing..and im sorry for all the Judas you have encountered in this world and in the Ministry. I pray the walls of Jericho comes down on them all and ABBA YAHS Wrath also for trying to cause to you harm. I love you Momma Elisheva and Dad Ezra very much in YAHSHUA’S Name -YAH_Servant 84


16-01-2019 03:39

Thank you Prophet/Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu, Ezra, and Amightywind for showing YAH YAHUSHUA IMMAYAH’S LOVE and not giving up on me. YAH YAHUSHUA IMMAYAH prophecies are HOLY ANOINTED.
✨AWEsome ✨Blessings in YAHUSHUA ✨always to you all.


12-01-2019 22:39

I very love you Mom Elisheva and Dad Ezra and all ministers and all in YAHUSHUA’S Brother and Sister! 愿亚呼赎阿和阿爸亚哈威和母亲伊妈亚祝福和 保护你们!奉亚呼赎阿的圣名!阿们!


06-01-2019 15:01

Your recent videos on YouTube are very informative, thanks for the scam warnings. It may sound wierd but for some reason hearing the trials you go through makes me feel normal and since you get through these I can go through my trials too. I never thought of the intro before the propheies from prophecy 105 the way you explained. Words cannot explain, we thank YAH for this ministry!


06-01-2019 06:09

親愛的爸爸以斯拉 媽媽以莉莎法:
感謝阿爸亞哈威 亞呼贖阿 伊媽亞 讓我們在網路上相聚
讓我終於停下 不用再去其他地方找草吃
這裡不只吃草 而是珍貴的上等靈肉!
有時聽到視頻中媽媽的笑聲 我也跟著被妳的爽朗所感染
這爽朗笑聲背後 遭受許多的苦難
謝謝亞保守妳 護衛妳 謝謝亞保護所有屬亞的一切
謝謝亞把爸爸以斯拉帶給妳 兩位受膏者的結合!
有時看到爸爸以斯拉表達對妳的愛意 心裡很替妳開心 很感謝亞!
想對媽媽說 妳在我眼裡 很美麗
祝褔你們每天都沐浴在亞哈威 亞呼贖阿 伊瑪亞恩膏的愛裡 !


03-01-2019 23:22

Dear Elisheva & Ezra,
In 2012 the prophecies were the light & hope I really needed drawing me closer to Heavenly Father Yahuveh & Yahushua.
Thank you that even after all you have been through in your life that you still have a heart for people.
Blessings to you Elisheva & Ezra for your labours in almightywind!


03-01-2019 21:13

Dear Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu and Prophet Ezra

I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 from FRANCE with all my love.

Thank you for sharing so many precious HOLY PROPHECIES with us. They are Treasures from Heaven dear to my heart ! So many truths and deep revelations from above. Hallelujah !
Thank you for sharing the true hebrew name of our Lord and Savior : YAHUSHUA . I was so glad to discover the other names of the Holy Spirit IMMAYAH.
There are so many blessings in your holy prophecies and teachings.

Praise the Lord for the way He is using you mightily to bless us. May Abba YAHUVEH, IMMAYAH and YAHUSHUA, bless you, your love, your family and your ministry !

No weapon formed against you shall prosper !

Beloved Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu and Ezra :
” The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”

Much love



03-01-2019 19:31

Glory, Honour and Praise unto DADDY YAHUVEH GOD, BELOVED YAHUSHUA our LORD GOD and MESSIAH and Sweet MOMMY YAH RUACH HA KODESH. Greetings Dad Ezra and Mom Elisheva and AMW Family, I am still reeling from the shock about the you tube video of lawkeeper 101. On Sunday or before that, just before new year, I saw videos uploaded by him, liking the videos, but asking myself I haven’t heard from him in a while, but I didn’t think this at all that he has turned away from YAHUSHUA. I feel your pain Mom Elisheva, I hear it from your voice, I am truly sorry, may YAHUSHUA heal your broken heart. I unsubscribed from him immediately I heard your warning and pray everyone will do the same in YAHUSHUA’S NAME.Amen.


03-01-2019 12:59

Dear Elisheva
What a blessing this minstry
Have been. YAHUSHUA led me to this ministry and I come back again and again to read.
Thank you for sharing the prophesies with us.
I love you and thank you again all glory to ABBA DADDY AND MY KING YAHUSHUA


29-12-2018 14:29

Grace and peace to Almightywind Ministry,
Greetings from Pretoria South Africa.

We appreciate you so much, in ways beyond these words; Elisheva, Ezra, Kathryn, Adam, YDS, everyone in this Holy Anointed Ministry.
Since we came to know the true names of the Almighty God through this Ministry; we have now corrected the name of our ministry Jesus Christ Army to YAHSHUA the Messiah Army Ministries.
And we have moved our services from Sunday to Saturday; because we now know the true Sabbath is from Friday Sunset to Saturday Sunset. HALLELUYAH.

We have found a home in Almightywind Ministry. We just know we belong. Its like sons and daughters are returning home. Every Word uttered in these prophecies is the Breath of the Almighty God.

Shalom Shalom
Sister Salome


24-12-2018 18:05

Amightywind Ministry is a blessing from Heaven. I appreciate how Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu lets YAHUSHUA, YAHUVEH, and IMMAYAH use her to bring forth prophetic words. Her and her Husband Prophet Ezra have accomplished much through YAH’s power alone.

There is so much wisdom and revelation in the Holy Prophecies on this site(here and they are all backed up by the Holy Bible, the Old and New Testament (The Torah, Tanakh, and the Brit Chadasha). This is a Messianic Jewish Pentecostal ministry that reaches both Jew and Gentile in many different languages, which once one accepts YAHUSHUA (Jesus Christ) as Messiah/Mashiach, and repents and turns away from their sins, they are grafted in as joint heirs under YAHUSHUA both Jew and Gentile who accept HIM.

YAHUSHUA is the MASHIACH and is the only way to reach Heaven and the only way we can come boldly before ABBA YAHUVEH’s throne with our prayers and petitions in the name of YAHUSHUA. Also this is the end-time generation, and YAHUSHUA is coming back soon for HIS Bride. This ministry teaches the requirements to be apart of YAHUSHUA’s Bride, they are the 144,000 x 2 spoken of in Rev. 14 and 7. Also described in the parable of the 5 wise and foolish virgins in Mathew 25:1-13. The Bride of YAHUSHUA represents the 5 wise virgins. We are to pray often that we can be accounted worthy to be apart of HIS Bride and always remain humble which is very very important. Please read Luke 21:36 which helps to show how we are to pray to be accounted worthy to be HIS Bride.

Also this ministry warns about Hell for those who don’t accept YAHUSHUA and do not turn away from their sins, we are all sinners saved by grace in this mortal body we are not perfect however we strive each day to be Holy and we do not premeditate sin and if we do sin we are quick to repent and turn away from it. I want to warn everyone to please do all you can not to go to that horrible place of eternal damnation where you would experience untold tortures and feel the constant pain of burning in fire forever which Hell has to offer. We want to go to Heaven and spend eternity there. May YAHUSHUA bless all who come to this ministry site who also receive HIS Holy Words!

P.S Hebrew Translators are needed! If you are fluent in both Hebrew and English and love and support this ministry please contact the ministry if you desire to help translate. Luke 10:2


03-12-2018 07:01

Beloved Prophets/ Apostles Ezra and Elisheva Eliyahu,

I’m so blessed to write to you both. I know you both are jewels in HIS crown and made for HIS glory. To reach and teach YAHUSHUA’S Brides all over the world. It’s interesting how ABBA YAHUVEH brought me to this website. A Man of God from India prophesied over me on Nov 15, 2018 and he sent me an audio recording of the prophecy on WhatsApp. My first desire was to type down the entire audio into a transcript and read it over and over again because the prophecy was too overwhelming for me.

Since, I’m a writer and I’m used to check everything for plagiarism on the internet, I ran the prophecy through a plagiarism checker. Lo and behold, it brought me to and the wording was exactly similar to Prophecy 12 that YAHUVEH spoke over Prophet Elisheva — only it was tweaked to Son instead of Daughters of Destiny. I asked the man of God from India and he said GOD speaks through different ways to his people.

Nothing matters now. I’m happy that I reached this place where YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and RUACH HA KODESH, MOMMA IMMAYAH speaks directly to us through HIS Handmaiden and HIS Son. I started keeping the Sabbath from this week and I’m determined to follow all of HIS commands. I have even stopped going to Sunday church. I’ll pray for this ministry and have a deep desire to tithe for this ministry. I’m from India but my mother tongue is Nepali. If you need Nepali translators, perhaps I can help you to find them.

In the loving name of YAHASHUA MASHIACH,
Your Beloved Brother


02-11-2018 22:54

For Amightywind Ministry!


27-10-2018 00:04

Greetings Amightywind Ministry,
I have great respect for what your Ministry does for the Kingdom of Almighty YAH. May YAH bless you all and all those who labor faithfully in the harvest. I’m just writing this message to express to you my gratitude for coming to know the Truths of Almighty YAH as spoken through the HOLY prophecies and the RingMaiden being the vessel that was used to bring those Truths forth. My life has changed since I came to know those truths and I am eternally grateful to Almighty YAH and to you all for it. My life has never been the same since. I tried sharing the truths with those I thought might receive them, but, they did not receive them, I can’t force anyone. May YAH Almighty bless you all and protect you and withhold no good thing from you, for everything you lost or thought you lost, let HIM return it unto you, in the Name of YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH , Amen.


28-09-2018 02:05

Hello! I want to thankyou Ezra and Elisheva for your truths! You truly are a great blessing not only unto but others as well. I love you! And I know the king loves you as well! He loves all his children! I’m thankful for your book of secrets of the RUACH HA KODESH. Again thank and may the LORD bless you and keep you and everyone involved in this ministry as well!